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ODI – Incremental Update and Surrogate Key using Database Sequence

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I am writing this because it had me lose my sanity for some time. If,

  • You’re using Oracle Data Integrator
  • You’ve defined a dimension table with a surrogate key even if it is not a SCD type 2 (recommended by Kimball)
  • The surrogate key is maintained through a database sequence (Oracle sequence in my case)
  • Your IKM in Incremental Update
  • You’re frustrated about how to control updates to a dimension having a sequenced surrogate key

Then read on for the solution that worked for me. The solution is pretty standard – you only need to know what you’re doing and setting the right options.

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Written by mhimu

May 4, 2009 at 4:35 pm

ODI – How to Reverse Flat Files

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The most important thing to remember before using flat files as datastores in ODI is that the Designer looks for them in the client PC where it runs. I haven’t tried using a UNC (\\computer\share\…) but that should work.

ODI comes pre-configured with a folder for dealing with flat files – in the Topology Manger, you’ll find the FILE_GENERIC data server set up to serve files from the ODI_HOME/oracledi/demo/file directory. But if you want your own file data server then follow these steps:

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Written by mhimu

May 1, 2009 at 3:15 pm