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Spring MVC Tutorial – Using Tiles 2

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This post is also based on my previous work:

  1. Spring MVC Tutorial – Hibernate Integration – build a Spring MVC app using Hibernate from the ground up.
  2. Spring MVC Tutorial – Paging through Hibernate and Selection Handling – add table/list browsing support utilizing paging in Hibernate, add a page navigation bar, add checkbox handling against table rows.

Here I will not add any new functionality – just move the view technology to Tiles 2 that comes bundled with Spring complete distribution.

The new completed project is available as ibank-v3.zip.

Till now, I have repeated header/footer/menu code in all the JSP files. Tiles 2 can be used to remove that repetition. Let’s begin.

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December 9, 2009 at 2:53 pm

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